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soffits, Facias & Guttering

Facias & Guttering

soffits, Facias & Guttering

Your roofline encompasses the soffits, fascia, and cladding in regions where the roof intersects with your exterior walls. This area is particularly susceptible in a property, emphasising the necessity for durable, enduring materials that are also easy to maintain.

UPVC Roofline

Most roofline systems these days are composed of UPVC. UPVC is a strong durable and long lasting material which looks great when installed on homes. It’s easy to clean and if installed properly can last for many years with little to no maintenance involved.

Emergency Roofing Services

We provide emergency roofing services in Berkshire and surrounding areas. We only use the safest methods and best materials when completing the work on your property. With LRW Roofing Limited your home or business is in safe hands.

roof repairs in berkshire

Professional & Expert Roofing repairs

Our team have installed thousands of uPVC roofline fixtures and guttering. Ranging from standard domestic dwellings to large old style sandstone buildings we have done it all and can do the same for you.

We offer a range of styles and colours to choose from so your roofline can be customised to suit your property and individual needs.

Facias & Guttering
Facias & Guttering

cladding, soffits, fascia & guttering

The fascia refers to the horizontally running boards positioned where your roof meets the exterior walls. Typically, these boards are affixed to the roof trusses, offering support for the gutters and the tiles at the roof’s edge.

Soffits are situated directly beneath the fascia, running horizontally at a 90-degree angle to it. They provide additional support and protection for the roofline. Soffits often incorporate some degree of ventilation to prevent the accumulation of moisture or the development of mold in this area.

Bargeboards are essentially fascia boards installed on sloping sections of the roofline.

Cladding is a material affixed to the exterior wall, typically positioned just below the roofline. It can offer additional insulation benefits and serve to conceal less appealing areas of the property, such as brick or woodwork.

Dry Verges:
Dry verges are ridge tiles or end caps installed at the termination of the roof. These additions enhance the durability of your roof and contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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